My Rocket Listing gives sellers a choice in how they sell their home. Here’s how it works.

What’s the newest, most transparent way to sell your home?

It’s our program called My Rocket Listing. We started it because we’ve sold thousands of homes, and my team and I realized that there are some people who don’t want to go through the traditional way of selling. It might be that they don’t want to go through the hassle of making sure the home is show ready, that they have a privacy concern, or that they’re relocating and need to sell very quickly.

Before this program came out, there weren’t really too many options. I think it’s a disservice, what we as a real estate industry have done by saying that there is only one way to list a house. It doesn’t work for everyone. The new consumer wants options.

“believe that this will revolutionize the way real estate is done.”

It works as simply as this: We come out to your home after you contact us and give us the information; we’ll do an analysis on our computer system that will give us a baseline; we’ll do a walkthrough of the home; and then, within 24 hours, we’ll come back and give you a rocket listing price and traditional list prices.

It’s very transparent, and you get the make the final call. We’ve seen about a 6% to 7% difference between the traditional listing and the rocket listing. You don’t have to do any repairs and you get to pick the close date.

I believe that this will revolutionize the way real estate is done, and we would like to be on the forefront of that revolution.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.