Here’s why it’s still important to hire an agent in the age of iBuyers.

What’s the best way to sell your home: Zillow or an agent? Let’s talk about each option, and why one is truly superior. 

Some of my agent friends may be screaming at their computers right now because Zillow has recently announced that they are no longer buying houses. Here’s the reality: the average seller doesn’t care. There are dozens of other iBuyers out there willing to give sellers a better deal than Zillow, and they’ve simply been pushed out of the market by their competitors.

“Even if you decide to use an iBuyer, we can help you negotiate a better deal.”

So in this new world of real estate, what does an agent have to offer sellers? It comes down to a few key points. First, agents can help you shop around to different iBuyers. Just like anything, you never want to sell to just one person. It’s a myth that iBuyers aren’t willing to negotiate their price, and we can help you do that. Also, iBuyers use an algorithm to determine your home’s value. Since we know our local area, we know what makes your home special, and we can use those special qualities to get you a better deal. 

There are also a couple of issues with iBuyers that most people don’t know about. Yes, they will buy your home in as-is condition, but they will also drop their price if any issues come up. If an iBuyer gives you a great initial offer, it’s probably coming down. However, this can also work in your favor. For example, if your home is located next to a loud street, an iBuyer probably won’t take the time to research that. In this case, selling through an iBuyer could net you more money in the end.   

In short, don’t listen to national doomsayers. Some agents may struggle in the new era, but experienced professionals still have a lot to offer their clients. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, please call or email my team. We are always willing to help.